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MARY ROBERTS RINEHART - az amerikai Agatha Christie

MARY ROBERTS RINEHART - az amerikai Agatha Christie

Mary Roberts Rinehart (1876-1958), often called “the American Agatha Christie," was one of the United States’ most popular early mystery authors. Among her dozens of novels is The Bat (1932), which was Bob Kane’s inspiration for Batman.

“Rinehart’s literary distinction lies in the combination of love, humor and murder that she wove into her tales. She helped the mystery story grow up.”—New York Times

“The atmosphere created by Rinehart is perfectly chilling!”—A Paperback Life

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THE BAT: A super villain stalks the countryside, and it will take a spinster to bring him to heel.

THE RED LAMP: After inheriting an old seaside house, a professor finds it haunted by supernatural mysteries.

THE DOOR: In a quiet old mansion, an aging spinster contemplates questions of murder.


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