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THE WOMAN AT NUMBER 24 By Juliet Ashton

THE WOMAN AT NUMBER 24 By Juliet Ashton

Publication date: April 2017

Rights Sold: German (Rowohlt)

The new novel from the author of These Days of Ours. Love, envy and redemption – all under one roof . . . .Perfect for fans of Rowan Coleman and Dani Atkins

A house holds the hearts of the people who live in it. Under the roof of The Blue House, the subdivided space is home to five separate families and five very different lives.

Sarah has just divorced her husband, Leo, and she’s feeling bruised and lonely. And it’s not helped by the fact he has moved in with his new girlfriend, Helena – in the apartment directly above. Jane and Tom have just moved in and there’s an instant attraction between Tom and Sarah. But it’s too soon for Sarah to jump into a new relationship, and she wouldn’t dream of breaking up a marriage as Helena did to her. Mavis has lived in The Blue House for years. She’s the oldest resident by several decades and she’s not one for socialising. Then her sister comes to live with her, to spend her dying days under the same roof, and Mavis finds she cannot hide away forever.

As the stories of the different residents intertwine, Juliet Ashton weaves a story of love and friendship and community that will move you to laughter and to tears.

JULIET ASHTON writes under a variety of names, including her real name, Bernadette Strachan, and as Claire Sandy. Her previous novel These Days of Ours has sold 150,000 copies. She is married and has one daughter. Find out more at BernieStrachan.com