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EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE: How to Breathe Your Way to a Mindful Life
by Rose Elliot

EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE: How to Breathe Your Way to a Mindful Life by Rose Elliot

Breathing is universal; if you can breathe you can be mindful and if you can be mindful you can find inner peace and transform your life.

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EXTENT 160pp

ILLUSTRATIONS B&W illustrations throughout


• An exploration of mindfulness - presented in an approachable way

• Follow on book to the highly successful I Met A Monk, which has sold over 3,500 in its first year

• Feature coverage expected in Kindred Spirit, Watkins Magazine and Cygnus Review alongside national coverage in t he family section of The Guardian, The Telegraph, Stella Magazine and Woman and Home

• Netgalley upload and giveaways on GoodReads along with a 'how to' podcast

• Launched with word-of-mouth building campaign via GoodReads, Netgalley and social media plus advertising in national press

• National media campaign planned targeting author features, interviews and profile pieces


Mindful breathing is direct, natural and easy to learn, it is simply using your breath as a focus or a tool for mindfulness. If you can breathe you can be mindful and once you master this you can access it at any point, wherever you are day or night.

Mindful breathing can help you to:

• Gain an immediate sense of peace - this can be experienced from the first breath

• Helps you accept yourself, other people, and your life, just as they are without fighting against them

• Connect to your own inner strength

• Achieve an inner sense of well-being, energy, and joy

• Be kinder to yourself and to others

Following on from the hugely successful I Met A Monk , Rose Elliot, renowned vegetarian chef and proponent of mindfulness gently leads the reader on a journey that starts with the teachings of the Buddha on a moonlit evening. In its re-telling she reveals the techniques and teachings of the Buddha, that are as valid today as they were two and a half thousand years ago on mindful breathing.

Every Breath You Take brings a fresh approach to mindfulness that will inspire anyone who hasn't tried it and will bring new life to the practice of those who have. Both practical, personal and inspirational this book will give you the tools and exercises you need to be able to understand and use mindful breathing every day of your life.

Rose Elliot, MBE, was brought up in a spiritual environment. Her grandmother, Grace Cooke, was the medium for White Eagle and founded the White Eagle Lodge based on his teachings, which had a strong Buddhist element to them. In later years, Rose became interested in the teachings of a number of New Age writers - Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, and Doreen Virtue in particular. Some years ago, Rose heard a Buddhist monk speak about the Four Noble Truths and that you could write everything you need to know about Buddhism on the back of a postcard... this inspired her meditation practice, her writing, and her love for and interest in Buddhism.