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by Randall Platt


Sky Pony * April 2017 * 304 pages

In league with Code Name Verity and Between Shades of Gray, this is a WWII story about a girl they call the Arab of Warsaw; she turns her back on her family, her fortune, her future, and her Jewish faith in order to survive and thrive as the German army goose-steps into Poland in 1939. Running with a gang on the streets she meets Fritz, a young SS Nazi lieutenant. Award winning author Platt delivers an unforgettable story of heroism and cowardice, forgiving others and ourselves for the choices we are forced to make…and NOT forgiving.

They call her the Arab of Warsaw, a young girl who is forced to turn her back on her family, her fortune, her future, her Jewish faith, and her people. Running with a gang on the streets, she steals, lies, cheats, cons, and sometimes is forced to do worse. But she also survives, even thrives, the coming of the German army, as it goose-steps into Warsaw, Poland, 1939.

As a seller of cigarettes and anything else she can trade or steal, Arab meets a young SS Nazi lieutenant, Fritz Von Segen. They find they have many things in common: a fondness for cigarettes, liquor, and, of all things, language. Arab finds she can survive if she caters to the vices, whims, and the arrogance of the Germans. Who is she to get in their way?

The Arab of Warsaw is a story of heroism and cowardice, insignificant acts and monumental acts, standing out and standing up, and turning to look the other way. It is a story of sparing lives, taking lives, and forgiving others and ourselves for making these choices. It’s also the story of not forgiving. It is neither black nor white, for who isn’t both at times?

Historically accurate, immensely cinematic, and utterly moving; readers of THE GIRL WHO WOULDN’T DIE will respond to one girl's determination to do what's right during a dark time — and continues down that path for the rest of her life.

Randall Platt writes fiction for adults, young adults, and those who don’t admit to being either. Platt has been a full-time writer for more than twenty-five years. Her young-adult fiction has twice been awarded the WILLA Literary Award, has been awarded the Will Rogers Medallion, has won the Keystone State Reading Award, and has received honorable mentions for the Washington State Book Award and the PEN Center USA Literary Award.


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School Library Journal said of INCOMMUNICADO: "With a high-spirited heroine and a tense and eventful backdrop, this novel will appeal to fans of historical fiction who enjoy stories that realistically portray ethical dilemmas."