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by Nick Mamatas

I AM PROVIDENCE by Nick Mamatas

Skyhorse/Night Shade Books * August 2016 * 256 pages

For fans of legendary pulp author H. P. Lovecraft, there is nothing bigger than the annual Providence-based convention the Summer Tentacular. Horror writer Colleen Danzig doesn’t know what to expect when she arrives, but is unsettled to find that among the hobnobbing between scholars and literary critics are a group of real freaks: book collectors looking for volumes bound in human skin, and true believers claiming the power to summon the Elder God Cthulhu, one of their idol’s most horrific fictional creations, before the weekend is out.

Colleen’s trip spirals into a nightmare when her roommate for the weekend, an obnoxious novelist known as Panossian, turns up dead, his face neatly removed. What’s more unsettling is that, in the aftermath of the murder, there is little concern among the convention goers. The Summer Tentacular continues uninterrupted, except by a few bumbling police.

Everyone at the convention is a possible suspect, but only Colleen seems to show any interest in solving the murder. So she delves deep into the darkness, where occult truths have been lurking since the beginning of time. A darkness where Panossian is waiting, spending a lot of time thinking about Colleen, narrating a new Lovecraftian tale that could very well spell her doom.

Nick Mamatas is an author, editor, and anthologist. His novels have been translated into German (Editions Phantasia), Italian (Cargo Editions), and Greek (Jemma Press). His work has been nominated for Bram Stoker, Hugo, World Fantasy, Shirley Jackson, International Horror Guild, and Locus awards.

“This smart, fun novel is filled with hilarious satire. The story takes an honest look at Lovecraft’s troubling legacy of racism and sexism and how it comes into play during this current revival in his popularity, but you can also feel Mamatas’ true affection for the author and the larger community of misfit horror authors.”—Becky Spratford, Booklist, starred review

"Mamatas knows his subject inside and out, and that makes I Am Providence all the more cutting. He's a fan himself, as well as a skeptic, and he turns his considerable authority and satirical skill toward skewering the subculture that's grown up around Lovecraft over the past century. . . . I Am Providenceis pointed social commentary wrapped in a bilious in-joke—but one that's more than worth getting in on.”—Jason Heller, NPR

“With sharp writing, Mamatas brings Lovecraft into an uber-modern setting while keeping the old-fashioned dread intact.”—Barnes & Noble SFF Blog

“Mamatas provides a heartfelt homage to Lovecraft lore, perfectly captures the antics of conventioneers, and comments on the cutthroat politics of online publishing and the recent discussions of Lovecraft’s bigoted views.”—Publishers Weekly

“Just what I’d expect from Nick Mamatas: a sharp wit, biting but humane social commentary, and, for the romantics among us, a faceless narrator decomposing at the morgue. —Matt Ruff, author of Lovecraft Country and The Mirage

“This book is not parody, but rather some insightful knowing looks that fans of Lovecraft will get, but it is also broadly funny enough that those who have never read anything by the man from Providence will still laugh at. That is no mean feat and one that need to be applauded.”—HellNotes

“Dark and hilarious . . . I Am Providence is that murder-mystery-in-a-writers-convention you didn’t even know you wanted, but (like the human skin–bound book which propels the plot) you really must buy.”—Lavie Tidhar, author of Osama and The Violent Century