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by Kristen Bailey

THE SILVER GATE by Kristen Bailey

THE SILVER GATE is an upper middle-grade fantasy/adventure by Kristin Bailey. Katherine Tegen Books/HarperCollins will publish in hardcover early 2017

About the book: Living in a feudal society is dangerous enough, especially if you are serf, a slave to your lord and master. Thirteen-year-old Elric has learned many hard lessons early, but at least he was born healthy, intelligent, and strong. His younger sister was not so lucky. Wynnfrith is different. She's a changeling; the perfect baby God had promised was stolen away by the Fairy Queen, and Wynn with her slow mind and misshapen thumbs was left in her place. At least that is what everyone believes. They also believe her mother should have thrown her into the fire at birth—the only proper fate for a changeling. Instead, her mother raised her against all odds, and her brother loved her as they grew up together. Now their mother is dead, and Elric and Wynn have found themselves in a world that is both cruel and deadly to a changeling child. Forced to run from the village, Wynn and Elric cross the dangerous wilderness following the clues their mother left them in a secret lullaby. If they can find the hidden places where magic touches the real world, they will discover the road to The Silver Gate, the crossing point to the land between the dawn and the first light. But a dangerous and dark presence will stop at nothing to prevent them from reaching the realm of the Fairy Queen. Only through courage, determination, hope, and love can they find the Silver Gate, and a place they can call home.

About the author: Kristin Bailey grew up in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley in California. In the course of her adventures, she has worked as a zookeeper, a balloon artist, and a substitute teacher. Now, in addition to an author, she is a military wife and the mother of two children and several very spoiled pets. She’s the author of the Secret Order trilogy, which begins with The Legacy of the Clockwork Key. http://www.kristinbailey.com/

What’s next: Katherine Tegen Books owns a sequel; this will be a duology.

Praise for the author’s previous YA, The Legacy of the Clockwork Key:

“With a dose of classical mythology, an exciting quest, and a collection of imaginative inventions, this book will appeal to readers who loved Brian Selznick's The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Gail Carriger's Etiquette & Espionage, or steampunk in general, and they'll be sure to find themselves immersed in Bailey's world of intrigue.” – School Library Journal

"In an entertaining steampunk fantasy, Bailey creates a complicated puzzle ... A swashbuckling and clever heroine, a murderer intent on making her his next victim, fantastical beasts and devices, and a budding love affair that defies Victorian conventions only add tension, interest, and excitement to this first title in the Secret Order series.” – Booklist

“The major strength of this first book in The Secret Order series is the detailed description of the various mechanical amusements—large and small, helpful and ominous—that Meg and her team encounter. Bailey layers the mystery well, introducing new elements and clues gradually while still keeping the action at a fast pace.” – VOYA

“I absolutely loved this book, and would highly recommend it to those who enjoy the steampunk-fantasy genre. The gadgets, gears, and clockwork inventions will have you in awe; from clockwork ravens, steel horses, flying apparatus, to a giant kraken-like monster! Legacy of the Clockwork Key was a nonstop action- mystery from start to finish…definitely a debut not to be missed!” – Short Sweet Reviews

“What set this book apart was the originality and whimsy of the Amusementists and their mechanical creations: a replica Stonehenge that emerges from the ground, a sea battle between a ship and a mechanical leviathan, and many other wonders, all amazingly described.” – Historical Novel Society

“Kristin Bailey has a unique writing style that is very graceful. She can make a simple task as making a bed seem elegant. Meg captured me on the very first page.” – I Blog, You Read

“Legacy of the Clockwork Key was a sweet book with mystery, romance, adventure and a little bit of Steampunk awesomeness.” – Library of the Seen

“With a well-researched historical backdrop, Legacy of the Clockwork Key is a great addition to the YA steampunk genre.” – Books and Whimsy

“The conclusion is thrilling and Meg must make an agonizing decision- the kind that makes you wonder what you would do. I really liked how the author focused on the social mores of the era. This is a good, fast paced adventure with nice period sensibilities, an occasionally silly romance, and some fun gearpunk elements. I liked it and am looking forward to seeing what next for Meg.” – Greg’s Book Haven

“There were so many little adventures in this book, and so many animatrons! There really was a great steampunk aspect to this story, and I so can't wait to see what happens next!” – The Reader’s Antidote

“The first book of The Secret Order forges a plot thick with passionate and brave characters struggling to make sense of the world as they now know it. In this world of secrets, trust isn’t given lightly and villains stalk through the night in black. Kristin Bailey’s high-flying sci-fi adventure will keep readers intrigued from page one!” – WovenMyst