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KINDNESS BOOMERANG: How to Save the World (and Yourself) Through 365 Daily Acts
by Orly Wahba

KINDNESS BOOMERANG: How to Save the World (and Yourself) Through 365 Daily Acts by Orly Wahba

The first book by the creator of the Kindness Boomerang video (more than 20,000,000 views on YouTube) shows readers how to make kindness something they can practice every day.

Orly Wahba is on a mission to make kindness go viral. She spreads her infectious positivity with videos, speeches, kindness dances and marathons, and now this book.

Kindness Boomerang contains 365 daily acts, one for each day of the year, accompanied by inspirational quotes, personal stories on the power of paying it forward, and tangible steps to change your outlook on life. This book will empower readers to bring positivity to themselves and those around them. Wahba invites you to practice kindness in relationships, kindness with yourself, kindness with nature and kindness in many more forms. This book is a call to action for anyone who wants to live a more connected and fulfilling life.

Orly Wahba is an educator, entrepreneur, and activist passionate about inspiring people to embrace the power of kindness. She began her career as a middle school teacher in Brooklyn and for fifteen years has worked with youth and local charities. Wahba is known for incorporating kindness, love, and respect into curricula. She founded Life Vest Inside in 2011, is the writer and director of the Kindness Boomerang video, and has spoken about its mission to many audiences, including in a TED talk.

Wahba has been hugely successful in getting the word out about kindness. In addition to the Kindness Boomerang video, which has been watched over 20 million times her non-profit Life Vest Inside has many other projects that work to spread the message of kindness. Over the last several years she has organized a global Dance for Kindness Flashmob on World Kindness Day. In 2015 she had participants in 45 countries. Wahba's work has been covered by The Today Show, NBC, CBS, Bloomberg Television, Forbes, Adweek and many others. You can find more information about these projects, along with more videos at: http://www.lifevestinside.com/about-us/

The book KINDNESS BOOMERANG is a perfect next step. It will appeal to students, parents, individuals involved in the anti-bullying movement, and anyone who wants to bring more mindfulness and kindness into their lives.

The author is an in-demand speaker on the topic of kindness and we look forward to continuing to spread her message all around the world.