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THE BIG FIVE:Five Simple Things You Can Do to Live a Longer, Healthier Life
by Dr. Sanjiv Chopra with David Fisher

THE BIG FIVE:Five Simple Things You Can Do to Live a Longer, Healthier Life by Dr. Sanjiv Chopra with David Fisher

Renowned physician and academic Dr. Sanjiv Chopra shares the five key, proven ingredients that can help insure a longer, healthier life

The underlying promise of every exciting medical discovery, diet, and exercise program is the same: do this, buy this, or eat this and you will look better, live longer, and be healthier. But few books can make the promise of this one: if you adapt these five simple, virtually-free suggestions you will live a longer and healthier life—guaranteed.

This is no fad study. Each of the recommendations outlined in this book has been proven by an overwhelming number of tests, trials, and studies to increase health and lifespan. There are no gimmicks, no catches, no ifs, ands, or buts.

So what are the five, deceptively simple behaviors every human body needs to thrive? Drink coffee, exercise regularly, add nuts to your diet, make certain you get enough vitamin D, and meditate regularly, even if only for short intervals. Presented by a trusted expert, The Big Five includes easily digestible data and startling results from real studies conducted by reputable universities, involving thousands of subjects. Now, readers can see for themselves that, without a doubt, these five simple actions offer many more proven benefits than the latest expensive supplements, fad diets, jazzy exercise programs, and state-of-the-art gym equipment.

Dr. Sanjiv Chopra is Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and for twelve years served as the Faculty Dean for Continuing Education at Harvard Medical School. He is also a bestselling author and sought after motivational speaker. He has numerous books and over one hundred publications to his credit and he has received numerous awards including the Excellence in Teaching Award from Harvard Medical School.

David Fisher is the author of more than fifteen New York Times bestsellers. He lives in New York.

Rights have sold to Pan Macmillan in Australia, Prah in the Czech Republic, Ciela in Bulgaria, and Diamond in Japan!

Praise for The Big Five:

“This book could have been called ‘The Lazy Person’s guide to health and longevity!’ The research backs up every claim made in the book. The Big Five could very well change your life for the better with very little effort.” —Deepak Chopra

“Sage, succinct and easy-to-follow advice on how to live healthier that could alleviate much suffering and save billions in healthcare costs!” —Vikas P. Sukhatme, MD ScD, Victor J. Aresty Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

“Living Well Made Easy! The Big Five are evidence based, easy to do, and critically important for a happy, healthy future.” —Frank J. Domino, M.D., Professor of Family Medicine & Community Health, University of Massachusetts Medical School

“In an engaging and fun style, Dr. Chopra brilliantly elucidates five powerful, proven, and practical prescriptions for good health and longevity. His amazing trove of credible scientific research clearly separates fact from myth. A MUST READ” —Dr. Venkat Srinivasan, CEO, RAGE Frameworks, Inc.

“Dr. Chopra has deftly distilled and spotlighted five critical ingredients for healthy living. He presents a sensible and compelling case that adding these five elements to one’s daily regimen will enhance good health and promote happiness. This is a valuable handbook with a message that touches all of us. Indeed, the practices advocated could extend the life span of many.” —Walter T. Rich, President, W.T. Rich Construction Managers

“When so much in medicine is confusing and out of control, my patients always ask me what they can ‘do’ to better their health. In scientific yet simple and refreshing fashion, Dr. Chopra has shown us the way!” —Joseph Mikhael, MD, MEd, Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic

“An extraordinary teacher, master clinician and raconteur, Dr. Chopra has given us a readable, credible, and practical series of steps most people can take to safeguard their health, and produce an uptick in happiness. The Big Five may well become required reading for the health conscious adult.” —Lowell E. Schnipper, M.D., Theodore and Evelyn Berenson Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School