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by Julie Cohen

FALLING by Julie Cohen

Can you imagine keeping a secret so devastating, you couldn’t even tell the people you love?

Honor’s secret threatens to rob her of the independence she’s guarded ferociously for eighty years.

Jo’s secret could smash apart the ‘normal’ family life she’s fought so hard to build.

Lydia’s secret could bring her love - or the loss of everything that matters to her.

One summer’s day, grandmother, mother and daughter’s secrets will collide in a single dramatic moment.

Is it too late for second chances?

UK publication by Black Swan | Transworld

July 2016

350 pages

Electronic manuscript available

Rights sold to:

St Martin’s Press/ North American

Diana Verlag/ German

De Fontein/ Dutch

Massolit/ Swedish

"This subtle, beautifully crafted novel tears you apart and puts you together again."

- Katie Fforde

"Beautifully crafted and utterly compelling, the novel reflects perfectly

the ecstatic highs and thundering lows of love, friendship and family."

- Lucy Robinson

"A stunning study of love and life's regrets

that will leave you breathless.

You have to read this book!"

- Miranda Dickinson

Her next novel, Together, is an epic romantic novel,

told backwards, with a devastating twist.

It will be published in hardback in January 2017.