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by Sarah Darer Littman

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT by Sarah Darer Littman

Scholastic • October 2016

About the book: Sammy Wallach has epic plans for the end of junior year: Sneak out to city to see her favorite band. Get crush-worthy Jamie Moss to ask her to prom. Rock all tests (APs and driver’s). With a few white lies, some killer flirting, and tons of practice, Sammy’s got things covered. That is, until the international bank her dad works for is attacked by hacktivists and they also manage to steal what’s on the Wallach family’s private cloud, including Sammy’s entire digital life. Literally the whole world has access to her emails, texts, photos, and worst of all, her journal. Life. Is. Over. Now Sammy’s best friends are furious about things she wrote, Jamie thinks she’s totally desperate, and she can barely show her face at school. Plus, her parents know all the rules she broke. Turns out, though, Sammy’s not the only one with secrets—her family has a few of its own that could change everything. But while the truth might set you free, no one said it was going to be painless. Or in Sammy’s case, private.

About the author: Sarah Darer Littman, writer, mother, and unpaid chauffeur, is a living example of the cliche, “Life Begins at 40.” After spending much of her adult life doing things she didn't really plan to, including such diverse occupations as financial analyst and farmer's wife, she at long last found her true calling as a writer. Sarah teaches creative writing for Writopia Lab in Fairfield County, CT, and is an adjunct professor in the MFA program at Western CT State University. She is an award-winning political columnist for CTNewsJunkie.com. Sarah lives in CT with her family and a fluffy white writing assistant named Benny. She is the author of Confessions of a Closet Catholic, an award-winning novel for readers age nine and up; Purge, a poignant but funny journey of a teenager winning her battle with bulimia; Life After, a novel of immigration, tragic loss, and renewal, Want to go Private?, a chilling tale about a high school freshman who becomes involved with an Internet predator, and Backlash, a story about cyber bullying and “catfishing.” http://sarahdarerlittman.com/

Foreign sales for Sarah Littman’s previous book, Backlash: Germany (Ravensburger), Greece (Psichogios)

Praise for Sarah Littman’s previous book, Backlash:

“This novel thoughtfully balances the four alternating perspectives….an accessible complement to an anti-bullying curricula that would serve as a good starting point for discussion of ethics with teens. Share with fans of Lane Davis's I Swear.” – School Library Journal

“Littman pens a raw, frighteningly realistic, and absorbing look at cyberbullying and the damaging effects of airing private trauma in a public forum. By telling the story from the shifting viewpoints of key characters, Littman honestly examines the conflicting ways people can view a single situation.” – Publishers Weekly

“A powerful and credible story that illustrates the perils of immature decisions and explores the wide-reaching ripple effect of destructive actions thought by the perpetrators as ”fun”…The depression and bullying are handled realistically without sugarcoating, and fortunately, consequences are applied. An excellent choice for any anti-bullying campaign.” – Booklist

“Accessible and potentially useful.” – Kirkus

“[I]t is just so sad but you can’t stop reading it. You are so drawn into the story, and you are devastated right along with Lara.” – Teen Reads

“Littman does a good job of showing more than one side of the story and revealing the long-lasting consequences of impulsive actions.” – Youth Services Book Reviews

“Sarah Darer Littman sure knows how to make you sympathize with her characters. She is going to pull you right in and never let you go….A must read to show words can hurt and there are consequences to our actions.” – Fresh Fiction

“The characters were amazing. They interacted well, they were real people, and I can see the problems that they have actually being a problem that a real person can have.” – Teens Know Best

“Backlash will make you angry and will draw emotions out of you that you didn't think you had….it's a book that I truly think should be read by all teenagers and adults alike.” – Addicted 2 Novels

Praise for Sarah Darer Littman’s previous book, Want to Go Private?:

* 2012 YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers!

“Littman's unsettling novel proves both scary and engrossing.” ̶ Entertainment Weekly

“Want to Go Private? is a bold investigation of a potentially lethal, if common mixture for teen girls: emotional immaturity, technology and emerging sexuality.” ̶ Los Angeles Times

“Fast paced and very suspenseful! Abby's world feels dangerously real.” ̶ Jay Asher, New York Times bestselling author of Thirteen Reasons Why

“A harrowing cautionary tale about the dangers that lurk online...Littman demonstrates how easy it is to fall under the sway of a charming predator” ̶ Publishers Weekly