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LE CHAT / bestselling cartoon character
by Philippe Geluck

LE CHAT / bestselling cartoon character by Philippe Geluck

Le Chat Museum to be opened in Brussels in 2019.

Building plans are well under way and we are happy to report that an international bookshop is being planned. So plenty of selling space for international editions!

If you are in Paris in the next few months don't miss L'Art & Le Chat, a new exhibition at the Musée en Herbe, opening on February 11th.

The exhibition will entertain visitors as they see thirty original famous work of arts through Geluck’s dry humour. Le Cat pays homage to Pollock, Basquiat, Boudin, César, Keith Haring, Klein, Picasso, Soulages, Vasarely, Warhol among others. The artwork ranges from antiquity to present day, on loan from various museums, galleries, and private collections. It is both an initiation to the history of art as well as a humorous reflection on each work.

Le Chat is an all-time bestseller in francophone countries with 12 million copies sold of 19 albums by Editions Casterman, merchandising going viral (some may remember delicious chocolates at the last LBF!) and successful TV adaptations. Le Chat's reputation is such that the city of Brussels (the capital city of cartoons) decided to open a Le Chat museum in 2019.

More good news is that Le Chat is now available in English!

1) Two comic strips collections (Le Cat & Le Cat Strikes Back) have been compiled and fully translated in English.

Le Cat is at heart a universal character – and universally funny! These two albums are the perfect introduction to the feline.

2) A graphic novel (The Bible According to The Cat) is also available in English. The French edition was published in 2013 with abounding success (250,000 copies sold during the first 6 weeks).

Its somewhat irreverent theme – the Christian creation myth where the world is reinvented by Le Cat– and the narrative arc make it highly appealing.

Rights available

All rights are available except France & Holland.

Rights for Finland, Brazil & the Arab world are available for selected titles.

All three titles above are currently on submission in UK, North America & Australia. Of course we will let you know about any developments.

LE CAT/ Laughing in the face of terror

Interestingly, cats played an important role during the Brussels lockdown.

During the raids, police asked people not to tweet details of their operations for fear of alerting potential targets.

So instead of taking pictures of what they could see, Belgians started posted hilarious pictures of their cats. And it quickly went viral !





Naturally, Philippe Geluck was interviewed/quoted about the appeasing and universal power of cats and humour as a form of resistance.

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