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by Julie Cohen

WHERE LOVE LIES by Julie Cohen

A poignant, thought-provoking story from the author of Dear Thing.

‘A brilliantly original story that will resonate loud and clear with anyone who's ever been knocked sideways by love' - HEAT

When Felicity steps off the train on the way to meet her husband, she is so sure of everything. Where she is heading, what she will eat at the restaurant, the first words her husband will say when she arrives, their life together.

Then she catches a scent of perfume in the air. Forgotten emotions rush to the surface, memories of another man she loved years ago.

As it happens again and again, Felicity begins to make decisions that no one can understand. What is happening to her? Is she losing a part of herself, or finding one? How can she truly know where love lies?

Bantam Press - 384 pages

Winner, Best Romantic Read 2015 RONA

‘Every once in a while a book stops you in your tracks . . . A stunning study of love and life's regrets that will leave you breathless' - Miranda Dickinson

"A tender and poignant novel, with characters that come right off the page" - Abby Clements

"This subtle, beautifully crafted novel tears you apart and puts you together again." - Katie Fforde