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by Kristin Meekhof


A very valuable and practical guide for any woman who has lost her husband due to an untimely death. Kristin Meekhof's journey is both inspiring and courageous and something we can all learn from." ―Dr. Deepak Chopra

An inspiring, accessible, and empowering guide for how to navigate the unique stresses and challenges of widowhood and create a hopeful future.

When Kristin Meekhof lost her husband to cancer, she discovered what all widows learn: the moment you lose your partner, you must make crucial decisions that will impact the rest of your life. But where do you begin? This inspiring book shows grieving widows what to expect and how to deal with the challenges of losing a life partner. From immediate issues like finances, estates and medical bills to long-term hurdles such as single parenthood, being a widow in the workplace and navigating social situations by yourself, this book guides widows through the tumultuous and painful first five years to a more hopeful future.


Sourcebooks (November 2015) - 272 pages


“I'm proud of Kristin Meekhof, who has written this inspiring and insightful book to help guide widows through their grief. This book is by an Architect of Change, for all of us who must deal with grief.” —Maria Shriver

"Kristin Meekhof provides a gentle and hopeful guide as you deal with the dark days. This is the book that will help you carry on despite the unbearable fog to find your inner confidence again."- Susan Toffler, media strategist and widow

"This is a book that should be essential reading for every woman struggling to make sense of life after the death of a husband. I recommend this book because it is highly accessible and will surely improve the lives of many widows and those who help widows." - Lord Loomba, CBE, Founder and Chairman Trustee of The Loomba Foundation

"This book is a valuable resource for people within the medical profession to better understand hospice, palliative care, and death from a family perspective.

When death does occurs, this book can serve as a resource for providers as they guide widows and families through their grief." - Gary D. Hammer, M.D., Ph.D., Millie Schembechler Professor of Adrenal Cancer,

University of Michigan, Director - Endocrine Oncology Program, Director - Center for Organogenesis

"This guide is an incredible resource for anyone in need of healing after losing their spouse. With Kristin Meekhof's book, recent widows can gain the tools and courage they need to carry on."- Michelle King Robson, president of EmpowHer

"One of the few things we know without certainty about life is that, in life, we never know. A Widow's Guide to Healing is that rare gem, a practical guide that makes the unthinkable bearable, the painful manageable, and the road to healing a little brighter. You will be hard pressed to find a better guide on growth in the aftermath of loss." - Lee Daniel Kravetz, author of Supersurvivors: The Surprising Link Between Suffering & Success