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David Lynch (Icons)
by Dennis Lim / ICONS sorozat

David Lynch (Icons) by Dennis Lim  / ICONS sorozat

Foreign Sales for the Icons series

Czech Republic—Barrister & Principal (STALIN by Paul Johnson)

Israel—Carmel Publishing (VAN GOGH by Julian Bell)

Korea—Bomapil (JESUS by Jay Parini, LUCIAN FREUD by Phoebe Hoban, JD SALINGER by Thomas Beller, EDGAR ALLAN POE by Paul Collins, and HITCHCOCK by Michael Wood)

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Romania—SC Humanitas (STALIN by Paul Johnson)

Russia—Atticus (STALIN by Paul Johnson)

UK—Atlantic Books (ST PAUL by Karen Armstrong)

DAVID LYNCH: The Man From Another Place by Dennis Lim

A smart and concise biography, DAVID LYNCH will be released by Amazon Publishing as part of the Icons series on November 3, 2015.

Press Highlights for DAVID LYNCH

DAVID LYNCH was included in Publishers Weekly’s Fall Announcements

About the Icons Series

Written by a range of celebrated authors, the Icons books are a series of short biographies (25,000 to 40,000 words) focusing on canonical figures in the culture.

Praise for the Book

“The Man From Another Place is a very well written ‘cinema-therapy’ session on the career of David Lynch, one of the few real auteurs left. His movies, obsessions, studio hassles, and personal life are all revealed in a smart, readable analysis by author David Lim who makes for the perfect film shrink.”—John Waters

“David Lynch’s brilliance as an artist is further illuminated by the laser intelligence of Dennis Lim’s commentary. Packed with new ideas regarding this most enigmatic of American filmmakers and refreshingly free of jargon, DL on DL is a dazzling performance. It is also a pleasure to read.” —J. Hoberman, co-author of Midnight Movies

About the Book

At once a pop culture icon, cult figure, and film industry outsider, master filmmaker David Lynch and his work defy easy definition. Dredged from his subconscious mind, Lynch’s work is primed to act on our own subconscious, combining heightened, contradictory emotions into something familiar but inscrutable. No less than his art, Lynch’s life also evades simple categorization, encompassing pursuits as a musician, painter, photographer, carpenter, entrepreneur, and vocal proponent of Transcendental Meditation.

David Lynch: The Man From Another Place, Dennis Lim’s remarkably smart and concise book, proposes several lenses through which to view Lynch and his work: trough the age-old mysteries of the uncanny and the sublime, through the creative energies of surrealism and postmodernism, through theories of dreams and of good and evil. Lynch himself often warns against overinterpretation. And accordingly, this is not a book that seeks to decode his art or annotate his life—to dispel the strangeness of the Lynchian—so much as one that offers complementary ways of seeing and understanding one of the most distinctive bodies of work in modern cinema. Its spirit is true to its subject, in remaining suggestive rather than definitive, in allowing what Lynch likes to call “room to dream,” and in honoring the allure of the unknown and the unknowable.

About the Author

Dennis Lim is the director of programming at the Film Society of Lincoln Center and a frequent contributor to the Arts & Leisure section of the New York Times. A former film editor and critic at the Village Voice, he is the author of The Village Voice Film Guide: 50 Years of Movies from Classics to Cult Hits (2009).