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by Patrick Samphire


Henry Holt/Macmillan in January 2016.

It’s already sold to Germany (Loewe), who bought two books.

* This book will include some illustrations like maps and decorations.

About the book: The English Colony on Mars in 1816 is a world of high Society, even amidst rugged terrain. Mothers plan coming-out balls for their daughters and automatic servants hand out sandwiches at elegant garden parties, while in the north, the great dragon tombs hide marvels of Ancient Martian technology. Fourteen-year-old Edward Sullivan has always dreamed of becoming a spy like the ones he reads of in his favourite magazine, Thrilling Martian Tales. Instead, he spends his days keeping his eccentric family from complete disaster….that is, until the villainous archeologist, Sir Titus Dane, kidnaps Edward’s parents as part of a scheme to loot an undiscovered dragon tomb. Edward sets off in pursuit across the Martian wilderness. With him are his brilliant and outrageous little sister, Putty, his impossibly starchy older sister, Olivia, and his secretive cousin, Freddie. Together they must evade Sir Titus’s minions, battle mechanical nasties, and escape deadly Martian hunting machines. If they can’t, they will never uncover the secrets of the dragon tomb and rescue Edward’s family.

About the author: Patrick Samphire grew up in Zambia and England, where he learned many interesting things, all of which he has now forgotten. Since then, he's lived in South America and Europe. He has been a teacher, a physicist, and an editor. Now, when he's not writing, he designs websites and book covers. He has published nearly twenty short stories for adults and teenagers in various magazines and anthologies. He lives in Wales with his wife and two children. www.patricksamphire.com

What’s next: The author is working on a sequel titled THE EMPEROR OF MARS, and a description is available upon request. Henry Holt/Macmillan will publish the sequel a year after book #1.

Praise for Patrick’s previous book, Bone Roads, a short story collection:

“Marvelous.” – Colin Harvey, author of Killers, on “At the Gates”

“This one kept me turning the page without pause, with its natural pace and flow of words, good characterization, and skillful plot build-up. Samphire's writing skill is matched only by his knowledge of Ancient Egyptian culture and mythology.” – Tangent Online on “The Land of Reeds”

“A great coming-of-age story.” – Epinions.com on “When the Dragon Falls”