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by Christopher Papadopoulos

PEACE AND WHERE TO FIND IT by Christopher Papadopoulos

Namaste Publishing

October 2015 ‐MS available April / 9781897238776 / 160 pages

Foreword by Eckhart Tolle

"This book has clearly emerged out of the state of Presence and thus has the transformational power characteristic of such books……It’s main message is that peace is possible, even in the midst of turmoil. It is possible because it is inseparable from who you are in your essence.” ‐‐ Eckhart Tolle

From the original publisher of THE POWER OF NOW comes an important new voice in spiritual transformation

In today’s turbulent world, few people can experience even occasional peace, and almost nobody achieves a continual peace. We are so used to conflict that almost everything has become a “war against” something — against cancer, against poverty, against drugs, against corruption, against the challenges in our everyday life.

In our personal lives, many of us wake up every day ready to do battle. We fight with traffic, struggle to keep up with our schedule, and often have to deal with difficult people.

PEACE AND WHERE TO FIND IT is an invitation to step out of this battle mode and experience your day from a place of peace. It gives us a roadmap for how to handle the stresses, anxieties, and uncertainties of your day. The practical suggestions throughout the book are supported by a chapter of simple yet life‐changing techniques which readers can use on a daily basis.

Like Tolle’s THE POWER OF NOW, this book is structured primarily in a Q & A format, and guides readers on a simple yet profound journey of discovery, inviting them to discard their mental concepts about what peace is or is not. PEACE AND WHERE TO FIND IT takes the reader step‐by‐step beyond the illusionary impediments to peace generated by the ego. This book reveals the deep relationship between peace and body awareness.

As we find ourselves becoming increasingly peaceful — calmer, more grounded, less anxious, and more hopeful — we become bearers of peace into the world.

Christopher Papadopoulos lives near Montreal, the city in which he was born. He holds bachelor degrees in education and history from Queen’s University in Ontario, and has served as both a primary and high school teacher. Realizing that a world of peace and harmony begins within the individual, he embarked in the 1990’s on an inner journey toward greater self‐awareness. He now works with individuals and groups, guiding others to experience peace through the process of his own selfdiscovery.