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by Kathleen Morgan

AS HIGH AS THE HEAVENS by Kathleen Morgan

The year is 1568 and Mary, Queen of Scots, is imprisoned in Lochleven Castle.

But Mary’s supporters, including noblewoman Heather Gordon, are planning a daring rescue.

In order to gain entry to the castle, they need the help of one man, a resident of a small cottage in the Highlands

who just happens to resemble someone with access to Lochleven.

Heather travels to the cottage as a tutor, determined to train this man to act the part of a nobleman

in order to make their scheme a success.

But in the close quarters of the cottage there is more afoot than political rebellion.

And Heather is soon in danger of losing her heart and her head!

A suspenseful story of deceit and betrayal, love and secrets,

this is a book you won’t want to miss.

Ten Talent Press

Electronic manuscript available