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by Ed Greenwood


Hot pulp fiction: a steampunk Frankenstein is a weapon of death in an alternate 19th-century England

On an Earth that is not our own, Victoria never ascended the throne; the House of Hanover held England only briefly before being supplanted by the House of Harminster. It is a time of gaslamps and regularly scheduled airship flights, of trams and steam-driven clockwork with countless smoke-belching stacks. London, the capital of the Empire of the Lion, is a filthy, crowded, fast-growing city where a series of shocking murders threatens the throne itself.

Energetic young inventor Jack Straker believes he has created a weapon to defend the Crown: a reanimated, clockwork-enhanced corpse he can control. He introduces “the Iron Assassin” to the highly placed Lords who will decide if Straker’s invention becomes a weapon of the Lion—or something to be destroyed.

It quickly becomes apparent that the Iron Assassin is more self-willed than Straker intended, and that the zombie’s past life is far more sinister than Straker thought. Has he created a runaway monster? Or the best guardian the Lion could ever hope for?

Ed Greenwood is the creator of the bestselling world of the Forgotten Realms as well the Band of Four series. He lives in Ontario, Canada.

Praise for The Iron Assassin:

*An L.A. Times’ Summer 2015 Book Pick*

“Greenwood takes readers into a dark, crowded London during the reign of the Empire of the Lion, where a powerful enemy threatens to destroy the Crown. Greenwood cleverly weaves a tale of adventure with a lively, young nobleman, Jack Straker, an interesting, multi-layered hero whom readers will love. With steady pacing and distinguished characters set within a fantastic and inventive plot, Greenwood’s latest is a definite must-read.” —RT Book Reviews, 4 ½ stars

“If you’re looking for an imaginative and intriguing story within the Steampunk sub-genre, then this would definitely be one I’d say to check out. That’s mostly because I found Ed Greenwood’s The Iron Assassin a whole lot of fun!” —SF Revu

Publishers Weekly starred review:

Greenwood’s triumphant adventure is full of both brutality and psychological nuance. In a beautifully imagined alternate Victorian London, Jack Straker, Lord Tempest, presents a new weapon for the protection of the queen. This horrifying combination of man and machine, the Iron Assassin, soon escapes Jack’s control. The Ancient Order of the Tentacles moves swiftly to claim the weapon in its ongoing shadow war against the government. Rose Gordhammond, Lady Harminster, is recruited as a Dread Agent of the Tower to work alongside Jack in protecting the royal family. With a body count that skyrockets in the first pages, tensions start high and rise through the dramatic battles in, around, above, and below the city. The villainous characters are splendidly realized, reveling in their evil intentions while clinging childishly to petty ideals. The conclusion is shocking and satisfying, and readers will be eager to return to this exciting world full of intricate plots and ever-shifting loyalties.