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CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD: A Photographic Treasury of the Next Generation
by Peter Guttman

CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD: A Photographic Treasury of the Next Generation by Peter Guttman

Skyhorse * October 2015 * 240 pages

Simply stunning, CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD offers an intriguing showcase of newly minted human generations from across the entire planet. Effervescent and unabashed ambassadors of the exotic cultures they inhabit, these youngsters reveal a fundamental truth about humanity's common bonds and offer inspirational insight into preserving the best of mankind's spirit.

Award-winning travel journalist Peter Guttman provides a comprehensive survey of our globe's wildly diverse open air nurseries and spotlights a dazzling range of lifestyles, landscapes and emotions set amidst the vibrant stage set diorama that frames their distinctive upbringing. He ushers us into colorful and intriguing habitats that include: Rijal Al Maa, Saudi Arabia; Tanga Ssugo, Burkina Faso; Bucovina, Romania; Port Louis, Republic of Mauritius; Kotaka, Mali; Change Island, Newfoundland; Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea; Turpan, China and so much more.

This is a book of joy. Witnessing these subjects’ journey of wondrous growth provides powerful instruction from which we can all learn. Only those who can empathetically harness the youthful passion and energy of children and are spurred by their curiosity, sparked by their creativity, and inspired by their imagination will most capably build a superior, more compassionate, and effective world. And oh how we need that!

Peter Guttman is a photographer, writer, author, television personality, lecturer, and adventurer who has traveled on assignment to all seven continents and more than 220 countries. He has twice been named the Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year, was awarded a 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award from the New York Travel Writers Society, and was a finalist in the international Travel Photographer of the Year competition. He is also the creator of the number one bestselling travel app for the iPad, Beautiful Planet HD. He has been honored with solo shows at Sotheby's and the United Nations, and his work has appeared in Condé Nast Traveler, Geo, Men's Journal, National Geographic Adventure, The New York Times, and Outside. In 2014, he received the Power of the Image Award in Beijing, China, where he was cited as one of “twenty of the world's most influential photographers.” He lives in New York City.