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by BJ Gallagher and Warren H. Schmidt

PEACOCK IN THE LAND OF PENGUINS 4th Edition by BJ Gallagher and Warren H. Schmidt

Foreword by Ken Blanchard

PEACOCK IN THE LAND OF PENGUINS, A FABLE ABOUT CREATIVITY AND COURAGE by BJ Gallagher and Warren H. Schmidt, that has sold over 375,000 copies and has been published in 23 languages.

This title brings insight on Diversity, a very important and discussed topic these days. Based on the Agence Press 'Diversity will get an extra push at this week's BookCon and BookExpo America'.


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• Classic bestseller: With over 375,000 copies sold and translated into twenty-three languages, it is the bestselling diversity book in the world!

• New content: This new edition includes a bonus parable featuring Perry the Peacock being interviewed by Anderson Cockatoo of BNN (Bird News Network) in addition to significant new material, such as “Who Cares about Diversity—and Why?” and more.

“This is a book for everyone who wishes to contribute their unique gifts to the world.”—Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Laureate

This brand new edition of a classic, international bestseller continues to bring keen insight to an important topic—workforce diversity. Written in a charming, engaging style, it is a contemporary corporate fable—a tale for our times. This special 20th anniversary edition includes many new tips, tools, and strategies for peacocks and penguins alike—as well as an entirely new bonus parable.

Through the story of Perry the Peacock and his fine feathered friends, authors Gallagher and Schmidt bring to life the challenges of birds of different feathers who struggle to be successful in the conformity-minded Land of Penguins. Their travails illuminate the challenges of creating a pluralistic corporate culture in which the talent, energy, and commitment of all employees are fully engaged.

People who have new ideas that differ from business as usual are often ignored or criticized for the very thing that makes them valuable: their originality and creativity. This unique book helps organizations break out of "penguin thinking” in order to tap into and leverage the creativity of diversity. Learn how to cultivate an organizational culture in which new ideas can flourish and innovation can take flight.

BJ Gallagher is an accomplished management consultant, a popular speaker, and the prolific author of thirty books, including Being Buddha at Work and Yes Lives in the Land of No. She spent five years as the manager of training and development for the Los Angeles Times prior to founding her own human resources consulting company.

Warren H. Schmidt is a professor emeritus at the University of Southern California and the coauthor of The Race without a Finish Line and TQManager. He has also written many educational and management films, including the Academy Award–winning animated short Is It Always Right to Be Right?


Foreword by Ken Blanchard

Part I: A Peacock in the Land of Penguins

Part II: Tips and Tools for Feathered Friends

Part III: Teaching Penguins to Fly

Part IV: From Parable to Practice

Bonus Section: The Penguins Ate Your Cheese!

Below is also the list of publishers that published it in your country.

Korea: Asia Media in 1996; Jin Myong in 2002

Brazil: Editora Campus in 1995, they reported over 11000 copies sold until 2007

Japan: Kodansha in 1995; Fusosha in 2001

Taiwan: Jinni Publishing in 1995; Crown Custom Publishing in 2001

Turkey: Kuraldisi in 2005

China: China Youth Press in 2002; CITIC PRESS in 2008

Thailand: Songkarn Chitsuthipakom in 2002; WeLearn in 2013 (Contract valid until 2018)