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by Gloria Steinem

MY LIFE ON THE ROAD by Gloria Steinem

Random House published MY LIFE ON THE ROAD the first book in 20 years by the legendery feminist activist, Gloria Steinem on October 27, 2015.

Gloria Steinem had an itinerant childhood. Every fall, her father would pack the family into the car and they would drive across the country, in search of their next adventure. The seeds were planted: Steinem would spend much of her life on the road, as a journalist, organizer, activist, and speaker. In vivid stories that span an entire career, Steinem writes about her time on the campaign trail, from Bobby Kennedy to Hillary Clinton; her early exposure to social activism in India, and the decades spent organizing ground-up movements in around the world; the taxi drivers who were "vectors of modern myths" and the airline stewardesses who embraced the feminist revolution; and the infinite, surprising contrasts, the "surrealism in everyday life" that Steinem encountered as she traveled. With the unique perspective of one of the greatest feminist icons of the 20th and 21st centuries, here is an inspiring, profound, enlightening memoir of one woman's life-long journey.

Some things to consider:

**FIRST BOOK IN 20 YEARS (can’t say that enough): This is Steinem's first book since she updated her classic book OUTRAGEOUS ACTS AND EVERYDAY REBELLIONS in 1995. Unlike her earlier books, which consisted of collected essays, this is a memoir, telling one big story.

**PERSONAL VOICE: Steinem's voice is intimate, funny, and warm. With candor and grace, Steinem writes about the historic moments and daily experiences that shaped her life on the road--from her childhood through present day.

** A CALL TO ACTION: Steinem has a clear, profound message in this book: to listen to the world around us. Her stories are powerful, inspiring, and give hope for a better future.

** Chapter 2: “Talking Circles” focuses a good deal on Gloria’s travels through India and how that influenced her organizing style.