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The Snow Garden és Light Before Day
by Christopher Rice

The Snow Garden és Light Before Day by Christopher Rice


by award-winning, bestselling author Christopher Rice, the son of legendary author Anne Rice. An emotional and gripping thriller, THE SNOW GARDEN was released by Thomas & Mercer on December 9, 2014.

Reviews for the Book

“In his second novel, the author, who is the son of novelist Anne Rice and poet Stan Rice, expertly builds suspense. An enthralling narrative that is certain to be as popular as his first book, A Density of Souls (2000).” –Booklist

"The Snow Garden offers finely nuanced character studies as its pages whiz by to its chilling conclusion." —The Advocate

"A dark, moody thriller...is revealed in layers, moves at full speed, and starts twisting from page 1." —Out Magazine

About the Book

A shocking death exposes dangerous forces of seduction, obsession, and vengeance lurking beneath the idyllic surface of a prestigious New England university.

It is more than just the late November weather that has cast a chill over the campus of Atherton University. When the wife of respected professor Eric Eberman is killed in a tragic accident, his secret student lover, Randall Stone, fears the professor tried to avert career suicide by committing homicide. Or do the dead woman’s haunting last words point to an even more damning crime?

Fearing the truth, Randall digs into his lover’s hidden history. But what he finds draws him and everyone he cares for into a dark dance of sexual manipulation, twisted retribution, and murderous rage where nothing is as it seems. And no one will escape from it unscathed…if they escape at all.

In this emotionally gripping tale from New York Times bestselling author Christopher Rice, the past may seem buried, but it can come back with a deadly vengeance.


a supercharged modern noir tale of sex, drugs, and revenge from New York Times bestselling author Christopher Rice. Christopher is the son of legendary author Anne Rice, and Thomas & Mercer released LIGHT BEFORE DAY on December 9, 2014.


“Highly charged . . . a deliciously pulpy tale.”—Out

"Richly painted, viciously paced...Rice skillfully reveals a labyrinth of deadly secrets and horrifying surprises." —Gregg Hurwitz, bestselling author of The Crime Writer

"Stealthy as a desert wind and as deadly as a knife." —Lee Child

“A 20-something magazine reporter becomes embroiled in a Hollywood murder mystery in Rice's (The Snow Garden) third, richly developed thriller.” –Publishers Weekly

“Rice's latest is a complex mystery that should please his many fans.” –Booklist

About the Book

Adam Murphy wants to be a serious journalist. Unfortunately, he spends his days writing copy about underwear and abs for a gay lifestyle magazine. When a troubled young porn star brings him a tip about a recently deceased marine’s secret visit to an infamous pimp for underage boys, Adam is determined to break the story…until someone starts threatening his life.

Undeterred, Adam begins to unravel a deadly conspiracy involving runaway sugar daddies, salacious A-list parties, and three handsome young men who have vanished without a trace. Now he must enter the seedy underbelly of LA to find the truth behind their disappearance, as well as the disappearance of his ex-lover, Corey—who may have some deadly secrets of his own.

In this supercharged modern noir tale of sex, drugs, and revenge from New York Times bestselling author Christopher Rice, getting to the bottom of a scandalous story can be dangerous…if not downright fatal.

About the Author

Born in San Francisco and raised in New Orleans from the age of ten, Christopher Rice published four New York Times bestsellers, received a Lambda Literary Award, and was declared one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive, all by the age of thirty. His debut novel, A Density of Souls, was greeted with a landslide of media attention, much of it an offshoot of his mother’s fame as a legendary vampire chronicler. His supernatural thriller The Heavens Rise was a Bram Stoker Award nominee. The InsightOut Book Club selected his book Blind Fall as a best novel of 2008. In addition, his noir thriller Light Before Day was hailed as a “book of the year” by Lee Child. He has served as a contributing columnist to The Advocate and has been published in the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and Salon.com. His short fiction has been featured in the anthologies Thriller and Los Angeles Noir.