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by Carey Harrison

JUSTICE by Carey Harrison

We represent the translation rights on Justice for the Linda Langton Agency. JUSTICE by Carey Harrison was published in the UK by Skyscraper Publications and is available in W.H. Smith and major stores (and has been since last summer). The e-book has been downloaded 23,000 times since publication date. BBC films have acquired the film rights and it is currently being developed for the big screen.

Page count: 238

Dr. Cicero Books is pleased to present Justice by prize-winning British novelist Carey Harrison―since 1995 a Professor at the City University of New York―hailed in The Dublin Evening News as “one of the most accomplished writers of our time,” his books termed “fascinating” and “superb” in The New York Times, “rivetingly entertaining” in London’s The Daily Telegraph, “essential reading” in The Financial Times and “work of near-demonic beauty and universal resonance” in The San Francisco Chronicle.

Italy in 1946: the war is over and done with, and Italians are united in a desire to forget its horrors. But Miri Gottlieb, an Englishwoman whose Italian husband was killed in the war and whose young son was deported to Auschwitz, never to return, cannot join in the voluntary amnesia. For her, nothing is yet over and done with. There can be no peace while atrocious wartime crimes go unpunished. There has to be a reckoning.

Ambitious and fascinating, a very fine writer, exquisite in his descriptive prowess. ―VincentBanville, The Irish Sunday Press

A darkly comic vision of the new Europe… entirely original… ―The Guardian

Densely packed, skillfully blended… ―The New York Times

...this novelist of such amazing dexterity, humanity, inventive skill. He reminds me of Durrell, of Burgess - yet with a sense of tenderness often missing in those showmen. I've since read as much as I can of this writer, unfailingly inventive - as I read his work, I often feel (as with Powys often, and Lawrence sometimes) that I'm reading a detective story that turns out to be about me. ―Robert Kelly, Books Of The Year on Readysteadybook.com

The British novelist, Rose Tremain, wrote of Justice: “I haven’t read a novel in a long time in which I could see the colours and taste the scents so clearly. It lays out the compassionate idea that forgiveness and self-sacrifice can liberate the wronged as consolingly as revenge. Justice is a fine achievement, a big-hearted book that will, I’m sure, linger long in my mind.”


Fascinating, a superb analysis The New York Times

Essential reading The Financial Times

Bawdy, turbulent, rife with fiendish beauty The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Rivetingly entertaining The Daily Telegraph

Weirdly compelling, reminiscent of Jack Kerouac New Woman

Fruity characterizations London Review of Books

A hypnotic novel, very clever, very imaginative, a breathtaking attempt to get a handle on the entire human condition The Mail on Sunday

Superb The Sunday Times

Astonishing, affecting, holds the reader spellbound Publishers Weekly

A minor miracle, the way Harrison stitches together the goonish and the gorgeous The London Times

Glorious, full of sensual exotica The Observer

Tremendous, a catapult of a novel The Kansas Star

As thorough an examination of postwar European consciousness as Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain was of its era American Library Journal

Magnificent The Times

Breadth of vision, massive feats of scale and formal ingenuity The Guardian

A superb mix of slapstick, surrealism and tragedy The Listener

An enthralling novel, written with imaginative verve in language of strength and clarity, recounted with masterly skill The Irish Times

Ambitious and fascinating, a very fine writer, exquisite in his descriptive prowess The Irish Sunday Press

For verbal opulence and elegance of linguistic design, a wondrous thing The Independent

A novel for Everyperson Sunday Business Post

A model of judiciousness, densely packed, skillfully blended The New York Times